Renewable Energy TradingENERGY

Through Bilateral Mode:

TPTCL provides solution for sale and purchase of Renewable power from CPPs, IPPs and State Utilities/ Discoms on Intra Day, Day Ahead, Week Ahead and Month Ahead basis. The RE contract is executed on firm basis between Buyer and Seller for a particular period at agreed tariff and terms & conditions. TPTCL executes the contract between Buyer and seller and facilitates open access through SLDC/RLDC and communicates with all concerned entity. Commercial settlement is done through established practices involving weekly provisional bills and monthly bills based on Regional / State Energy Account (REA/SEA) prepared by Regional Power Committees (RPC) / SLDC. The Power along with the Renewable attributes is provided to the buyer of electricity.

Through GTAM Mode:

In view of developing a market for Renewable sources, CERC has launched Green – Term Ahead Market (GTAM) in Aug-20 through which any open access consumer, Captive client, Discoms can meet their RPO by procuring Renewable Power through GTAM market. The GTAM market is traded in Indian Energy Exchange through a continuous trading process. In the GTAM market, the trades are executed on daily basis for the next day based on availability / requirement of Renewable power.

TPTCL ensures end to end solution from contracting the Renewable power and sale / purchase of same on Bilateral / Power Exchange as perthe best available options.