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QCA means Qualified Coordinating Agency which coordinates on behalf of all the wind/solar generators connected to the pooling station in a State with relevant entities such as SLDC as per State Regulations and is responsible for forecast, submission of schedules, metering, data collection/transmission, coordination, undertake the commercial settlement with SLDC/RLDC and de-pooling of the applicable charges with all the relevant wind/solar generators.

TPTCL started providing QCA services for all major Solar/Wind generators of Karnataka w.e.f. 1st July 2017.

AT present, TPTCL is providing QCA services to Wind & Solar projects (67 nos.) with total capacity of 2663 MW. We are registered as QCA in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat.

Functions of TPTCL as QCA

  • System & Integration- IT platform on cloud server for seamless flow of data from generators to SLDCs.
  • Forecasting- Generating forecast using numerical weather prediction, historical data and real time generation with due consideration to special events like plant maintenance, grid constraint and load curtailment
  • Scheduling- Week ahead, Day ahead and Intra-day schedules with 16 revisions
    • Assimilation of each pooling station’s available capacity and power forecast on cloud server to integrate with aggregated schedule for respective SLDC.
    • Copy of schedule in each revision is shared among the generators of the pool.
  • Data Monitoring on real time basis- Incorporating necessary changes in schedules on intimation of grid outage and load curtailments (24×7 operations control Room)
    • Storing real time data on data base server for onward transportation to SLDC.
  • Reports- Accuracy analysis of forecasted power Vs Actual generation data.
    • Aggregated charges for Deviation on monthly basis.
  • Undertaking de-pooling of Deviation charges among generators & commercial settlement on behalf of the generators with SLDC as may be mandated from time to time.

Registration requirements

  • Consent letter addressed to SLDC specifying TPTCL as QCA for the PSS/ Generator connected
  • Static data of Solar/ Wind farm in SLDC prescribed format
  • Historical and Real time data access to TPTCL through SCADA/FTP for establishing forecasting tool
  • Payment Security towards charges for deviation as specified by SLDCs for an amount per MW for Solar and Wind in the form of Bank Guarantee
  • Written agreement with the Generator connected with STU Pooling sub-Station
  • Details of IF point ETV meters (ABT meters) for the Pooling sub-Station
  • Encrypted load survey data in proprietary format of main and check meters at interface point of pooling sub station before 5th of every month