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Power Trading was identified as a distinct activity by Electricity Act 2003, and in view of the anticipated potential of EA 2003 to bring transformation in the power market. Tata Power established Tata Power Trading Co. Ltd in Dec’ 2003, as its wholly-owned subsidiary company. TPTCL was founded with an objective to serve as a window to the power market for Tata Power and to and to keep a tap on new market opportunities.

TPTCL is the proud owner of the first trading license issued by CERC in June 2004, it has Category I, Trading License which entitles it to trade an unlimited volume of power, both on Interstate and Intrastate basis.

Not only in award of license, TPTCL has many other firsts to its account such as implementing innovative and ethical business ideas such as intrastate captive wheeling, sale of cross border power in competitive merchant market, RE power sale to Open Access consumers, unique energy banking solutions, self-redemption of RECs, QCA services, EScerts Trading, Setting up its own RE assets, Introduction of Commercial Papers, Consultancy and Advisory services, designing power sale strategies in power markets of India & abroad, adoption of best technology such as implementing country’s first EPM module solution of SAP labs and first web based interactive software to take care of its power exchange clients and adopting one of the most robust Risk Management System. This all has enabled TPTCL to continuously rank among top three power traders operating in Indian Power Market. With all these host of innovative solutions, Tata Power Trading can easily be identified as a trailblazer in the power markets.

TPTCL has strong presence in entire power value chain and has a brilliant track record of performance, customer care and sustained growth. The PBT of TPTCL has grown from ₹ 12 Crore PBT in FY11 to ₹ 57 Crore recorded during FY19. TPTCL is a small but well-knit collaborative organisation and enjoys Technical, Managerial and Financial resources of its parent company and is thus uniquely equipped to provide an unmatched range of services and customer care.

TPTCL is a member of both of both power exchanges i.e. Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) and Power Exchange of India Limited (PXIL). TPTCL supports its clients with data driven power market analysis so as toenable them to select the optimal solution.