Long Term ContractsBilateral

Bilateral Transaction means a transaction for exchange of energy (MWh) between a specified buyer and a specified seller, directly or through a trading licensee, from a specified point of injection to a specified point of drawal for a fixed or varying quantum of power (MW) . Bilateral contracts can be of three types – Short term , Medium Term , and Long Term.

The duration of a Long-Term Contract usually varies between Seven year to Twenty-Five Years. “Long Term Access” means the right to use the inter-State Transmission system for a period exceeding 7 years. “Long Term Customer” means a person who has been granted long term access and includes a person who has been allocated central sector generation that is electricity supply from a generating station owned or controlled by the Central Government

“Nodal Agency” for grant of Long-Term Access shall be the Central Transmission Utility.

Time Frame for processing Open Access:

  • Long Term Access:
    • 120 days where augmentation of transmission system is not required
    • 180 days where augmentation of transmission system is required