Bilateral Power Trading Contracts
Medium and Long Term Contracts:
Several favorable and converging factors such as progressively maturing reform process, gap between demand and supply of power, high growth rate of the Indian economy etc are creating the right environment for private sector participation in the power sector. Many entrepreneurs are entering the power sector and are set to create significant generation capacities. Tata Power Trading aims at playing a supportive role to power project developers by offering customized and value added services to the developers ensuring viability and business success.
Tata Power Trading offers to off-take power on mid term and/or long term based on the specific requirements of power project while maximizing the returns to the project developer. Tata Power Trading would work closely with power developers to minimize off-take risks by providing assistance in choosing the right mix of power sale on short, mid and long term horizons.
Tata Power Trading Company Ltd. offers to sell power on medium / long term basis under
Case 1 route and /or bilateral negotiated route to various distribution companies/ other customers. Under Case 1 bid, we offer services of Bid Development, Competitive scenario analysis and Bidding strategies. We also offer to sell power to Industrial and Commercial category customers on a mid term/ long term basis, providing a reliable and economical supply.
Tata Power Trading's approach is based on its positive outlook and perspective on Indian power market dynamics and is aimed at leveraging prevalent and emerging market opportunities.
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