Our Key Strengths
The name TATA epitomizes the core quality of "Leadership with Trust". Ethics and trustworthiness are our inherent assets and we are committed to create value for all our suppliers and customers. We conduct our operations with absolute professionalism, uncompromising integrity, transparency and total commitment.
Our operational agility and state of the art techno-commercial platform ensures reliable and timely deliveries.
We believe in developing and nurturing long term collaborative relationships with our suppliers and customers by being responsive and keeping customer requirements paramount.
Leveraging generation, transmission and distribution business of our parent organization lends us a unique flexibility in managing energy surpluses and deficits.
Assurance of timely payment and payment security to power suppliers.
We operate state of the art control room on 24X7 basis to manage power transactions.
Tata Power
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Our Key Strengths
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Contact : Tata Power Trading Co. Ltd., B12/13, 2nd Floor, Shatabdi Bhavan, Sector 4, Noida, Uttar Pradesh- 201301, India.
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